Kalicube Pro SaaS

Manage Your Brand Message on Google Search Results With Kalicube Pro

Principle use cases for Kalicube Pro:

  1. Improving a "damaged" Brand SERP (Online Reputation Management)
  2. Optimising your Brand SERP to prevent leakage of bottom-of-funnel prospects (and retain existing clients)
  3. Trigger and manage Knowledge Panels for brands, people, podcasts, products...

Brand SERP: what your audience sees when they google your name (brand, person, podcast, product...) - also known as your "Google Business Card.
Knowledge Panel: the information box Google shows on the right hand side of the search results on desktop (a visible, and very public, indication of how well Google's algorithms understand the entity).

Who is Kalicube Pro for?

Done-for-you by Kalicube: Companies and People

Kalicube acts as an agency and looks after your brand message on Google. Jason Barnard has been optimising Brand SERPs and triggering / managing Knowledge Panels for over 10 years. Entrust your brand presence on Google to Jason and the Kalicube team. We will take the weight off your shoulders, leverage Kalicube Pro SaaS to maximum effect and make your "Google Business Card" a stunning representation of you!

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Online Reputation Management, Digital PR, SEO, Digital Marketing Agencies

Kalicube Pro SaaS provides you with all the data and tools you need to optimise, track, measure and report on Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels on Google for your clients.

Your team will have full access to the Kalicube Academy (Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel courses), so you'll be upskilling as you work.

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The Data Behind Kalicube Pro SaaS

Brands Tracked
Knowledge Panels
Billion +
Kalicube has a unqiue combination of > 1 Billion datapoints
and 10 years of practical field-experience
that means we educate Google better than anyone. “

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Nobody Knows More About Brand on Google

John Mueller (JohnMu) is a Google employee and a spokesperson for Google

Typical Brand SERPs

In truth, there is no 'typical' - Brand SERPs vary enormously from company to company, person to person, industry to industry and country to country (and even town to town).